Here are some recent testimonies of what God is doing. All glory to Jesus.

Matt Weaver, 4/1/2013

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Honduras Report

All the books I have read in the past about revival and longed to see it in our day, has arrived! The Revivals in the past are no different than what I have witnessed in these last days. Pa and Honduras has seen an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will continue to grow and will spread and change many more to come. People were being Born-Again, Delivered, Unchained, Baptized with the Holy Spirit, and Marriages & Homes were healed in marvelous fashion!!! And this happened not to only few, But to many, many, many people!!! The mighty Wind & Fire of God has fallen from Thursday night to Sunday into the morning hours. It was so Glorious!!! There were people healed in the audience from sickness as well! Many did not even get to the Altar up front as God dealt with them in the Isles and on their face in the seats. The Weeping & Crying was so loud at times that it was hard to communicate or even help others in conversation & prayer and this went on for hours.It was all over the place from the front to the back to the outside of the Church building. From the old to the young and the wicked to the backslid-en to the seeking for a deeper work with God. Poor souls that had curses on there life's through witch-doctors were Gloriously set free and are so delivered!!! The lame are walking and the dumb are talking! God is healing their land as well, Testimonies of their personal finances turned from despair to prosperity since I was there 7 Month ago after the first great move of Revival started in Honduras when the strongholds were broken through a Prophetic word from Heaven. (((People))) Lets wake up and take note what is happening in our day!!! The Holy clouds of Heaven have moved in and I hear the Sounds of Abundance of Rain; because the Baal-Prophets have been slain and cannot speak unbelieve into the Church anymore. Saints are starting to have Faith in all of Gods Word and are believing it to live by. This move is the Latter-Rain Prophesied in the book of Joel. This is not strange fire, But the world is turning back to Holiness and Truth and it is coming in Power and great Glory!!!

This Revival will spread throughout the country of Honduras and God is putting it all together already. God is bringing the right people from in even from government that go to and fro throughout the country of Honduras that love the Lord. This will open areas all over Honduras to fill the hunger that has started.




I just bless the name of Jesus! The Lord has brought me out of such a deep hole. He filled me with the Holy Spirit. I praise his name and declare my family for the Kingdom of God. My daughter and niece that lives with me came to Jesus that on Sunday night! Blessed be God!!!



I don’t get tired of saying it: God is glorious! God is marvelous! While in the shower Friday morning, the Lord told me, “Today you will receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.” I said, Today? He said, “Yes, today.” I spoke it prophetically that today I will be baptized with the Holy Ghost! I believe! We went to a meeting at Brother Santiago’s place, and Brother Wayne shared that you must obey God, no matter if something he tells you to do makes you look stupid in the eyes of others. When we were praying, I felt like I should fall on my face to the floor ! I just wanted to anoint Jesus feet like Mary in the Bible did. The presence of God was so strong! The Holy Spirit came and Deeply Baptized me. He poured deep streams of life into me throughout the day and the next day I was still weeping because of His Holiness!Glory! Glory! Glory! Be to His Holy Name! I will never be the same! My heart is so full of Love and Faith!



I praise God! I am unworthy. It happened At Bro. Santiago’s, place on Thursday forenoon Bro. Wayne talked about not worrying what men think and about fear of man. I saw Ruca on the floor and it looked a bit strange, but God put me on my knees and then put my face to the floor. And He Baptized me with His Holy Spirit! I wept and wept for a long time and saw such a love from Jesus!!! I am a different man and will never be same again!



The Glory is for Him! I have often said I wanted to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost and I’ve seen others receive it. At Santiago’s Bro. Wayne gave a word to always obey. I said, “Yes, Lord! Fill me!” I couldn’t resist and stay standing because the Power of God was so strong! I fell to my knees. A year after I repented, and came to Christ living a life of horrible sin and drunkenness, the Lord filled me with the Holy Ghost. I will serve him for the rest of my days. On Saturday morning, in a meeting at the Church, God was moving and there was a couple that was not being moved before God. Pastor Gilbert told the wife, your unbelief about the work that God has done in your husband’s life is keeping him from going on and receiving from God. She deeply repented and they received healing for their marriage and testified about what happened in there life's with Joy!



I give honor and glory to my Lord. This morning, my hands tremble. I have never raised my hands before God. But yesterday I said, “Lord here I am!” I felt a fire in me. I asked to be prayed for a sickness in my back, then I dreamed that a child like something was on my back, only it wasn’t a child, it was a demon. I woke up violently and God showed me that we have to fight the good fight of Faith in this Kingdom. The Lord has brought me to this place, and here I walk. Young people we have to fight this fight of Faith! I am a very changed man!!!



I’ve prayed for years for my husband. Many times, he would start well, but then fall back. I had a hard time believing he’d make it this time. Because of my unbelief I was holding him back. I KNOW that this time he’ll make it! I knew something was wrong in me. I thank Bro. Gilbert for rebuking me and speaking into my life! God has broken me so that I can believe the word of God! I also struggled with a dream last night. I had a hold of something that twisted and turned to get out of my grasp. I pled the blood of Jesus, and was able to subdue this thing by getting it by the neck. God showed me that I need to overcome unbelief. I want to be healed of a problem in my foot, but more than that, I want us both to be baptized with the Holy Ghost. Monday afternoon: I was asking for physical healing, but God healed my heart from the wounds of the past. I am so free now! I am so grateful for the power of Jesus!



I had to go forward to declare that the Kingdom is here. He is filling my vessel more and more with Love and Joy!!!



I just want to glorify God. He alone is worthy! He alone is worthy! He alone is worthy! On Friday, I felt the touch of God in my life while I was in the kitchen ! I knew what was happening at Santiago’s place. I wanted more and more of Jesus! To Him be the honor and glory forever and ever. About a week ago, I felt like I need to clean my house from things that God was grieved with. Bro.Wayne’s word about idols was a confirmation to me.



In 2006, when we were assaulted in Guatemala, God showed me that I need boldness. I had lost it for a time because of fear of man, but I don’t fear anyone here. I do fear God. He has filled me with faith and the Holy Ghost and I believe in him with all my heart.



What joy! I feel so happy for how God is working in the church, especially in my personal life. Thursday evening, Miriam called to say that (school) classes were being dismissed for Friday. I asked why and she said there was going to be a meeting at Santiago’s, and thought we might be invited. I had a dream that night that God was moving at Santiago’s place, and woke up with a desire to be invited to the meeting. I went out to milk, and after a while my son, Jefferson came out to tell me something, and I thought, “Now we were invited!” But it was something else he had to say. When I came into the house, my wife said that Claudia had called and that we were invited. We went, and I was blessed with another Baptism of the Holy Spirit. About 12 years ago, I had received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, but I needed more. I declare tonight that my sons( dead bones) will live. Jesus lives! He has power! We will win! Let’s go on! I will burn some garbage that was in my house so the glory of God can be in our home again!



I also had a great desire to go to Santiago’s. While we were there praying I said, Lord, here I am! I felt forced to my knees because Gods presence was so strong in the place! I was sitting yet felt His power to fall on my face before God! The Lord wanted to give me a double portion of His Spirit! Bro.Wayne spoke about idols, especially graven images. I didn’t think I had any, but the Lord showed them to me and I threw them all away even though I was tempted to sell them. But said no!



Every testimony makes my heart beat hard! I had to go forward. Last night, when Wayne spoke about faith, I believed my little sister could be healed (a skin pigmentation disorder). She was here this morning at Church , and when they started to pray for sicknesses, I came with her to have her prayed for. I want to declare that my family will live. They are going to live! They are going to live!



God bless you! For two months, I had a pain in my chest that medicine could not alleviate. Bro. Wayne talked about having faith. I said ,By faith I am healed. Saturday afternoon we didn’t eat until late and I thought, “How is this going to affect the pain?” But when we came for the evening service, I said to my husband, Ah, I don’t even feel the pain, anymore! It's gone!



Last night, I had such a terrible headache in church. I just put my hand on my forehead and said, “God, you can heal me!” I felt a fire in my body and then my headache disappeared. I am a young 13 year old Girl.



When I was taking the people from El Encino home, the crippled lady Wayne prayed for, told me that for years she had suffered with pain in her bones. She was so happy not to be in pain anymore! Glory be to God!



I felt compassion for the crippled lady. After Wayne prayed for her, I saw that she lay on the floor and you could see her stretching out and lengthening. I saw the joy on her face. I said, Lord, your purpose here is for a testimony to the world that the power from 2,000 years ago that resurrected Jesus from the dead has not changed. I was also blessed by the little boy (4 or 5 years old) who held out his hand for Wayne to pray for it. Wayne asked him in English, “Do you believe that God can heal you?” and he answered, “Si!” (yes) He knew no English.



I can just thank God and say that my marriage lives. And God did it!!!



I just want to thank God! This morning, I was healed. I had a lot of pain, I told God, “I want to be in the service, please heal this pain!” When I came in the Church house door, it went away. I want God to have his way in me and I want my family to be saved. I have brothers who aren’t saved.



Glory to God! I want to declare that my wife and daughters live. For a time I was far from the fire of the Holy Ghost. I bless God for Bro. Wayne and that he allows God to use him. Six months ago, I had lost the desire to be here on time and be in the services. Now I want to be here! My brother prayed for me, and told me Prophesied into me That you are going to come to a green pasture. I felt a fire burning in my chest and a desire to serve God to come into me !



I couldn’t receive what was going on Sunday night, but after confessing things from the past to a sister, I was at home, hanging out the clothes on the line, God filled me with joy and the Holy Ghost. I came to the service just weeping and weeping !!! Several people testified personally to me and said: People were healed in the shadow of Apostle Paul, This was very close to that. We could feel the fire of God when the Bro. walked through the Church house on Sunday evening! The Fire of God fell on us it was so loud that at times it almost hurt the ears!!! From the front to the back it was all over the place! In the morning service It was prophesied that the young people will come to Jesus within in 24 Hrs and some even mocked...But that is exactly what happened!!! They came in droves wailing before God!!! It was the FIRE of God!!! It was so Glories that you could almost not stand on your feet! The Isles were full of people wailing and weeping before God!!! It was the awesome power of the Almighty!!!



Praise God! The testimonies All bless me beyond what I can express. It is absolutely amazing what is going on all around the World today! We live in the last days and God is calling, and raising up a remnant of people who will take his His word seriously and walk by it! He's puoring out his HOLY Spirit and baptizing those who ask, and seek.I don't know if there are any young people like myself on here yet, but if by any chance there are I want to say, DON'T wait to get serious about God. don't wait to seek and Love him with your whole heart. you are NOT too young for God to have a plan and calling for you! Don't waste your time being lukewarm! seek the Lord with all your heart and cry out to him and He WILL HEAR YOU.I was only 13 years old when He baptized me with His Holy Ghost. it changed my life. even at a time when I let the fear of man and my own selfish ways rule my life and I walked where I wanted to. In His GREAT Mercy and Grace, He drew me back to his side. And as I cried out to him and repented, HE heard me! and is taking me deeper than ever in my walk with Him. He's putting burdens on my heart, and teaching me to walk by ABSOLUTE Faith in Him, not looking back.Don't miss out on what's going on now people. God's calling out people to walk in this latter rain, in a new walk. Heed His voice!(p.s. I don't know if this is posted in the correct topic, etc. so admins' it is at your disposal and I understand completely if this comment is deleted) ... I've just been reading the testimonies posted above over and over and just had to say Hallelujah, praise his name.
-Blessings to you-


Let me start about a year and a half ago. I felt like I had it all, but I was so dissatisfied with my life. I gave God everything and told Him He could do what He wanted with me and I would still serve Him. He took me seriously and within 9 months everything was gone. My friends, my two jobs, my reputation. Everything. But I didn't keep my end of the bargain. I started down a slippery slope of bitterness and before long had embraced Goth ism, was cutting uncontrollably, and totally depressed. I would get in my car to go somewhere and literally struggle not to pull out in front of a car, or run into a tree, or do something to kill myself. When I came home from work, I would lock my door, turn out the lights, and watch movies. That was how I coped. A few people tried to help me, but a single lie would get them off my back and they would leave me alone. I drew these pictures of ways to die and the title of the collage was "Obsessed with Death." I would cut huge, horrible words into my skin and just stare at myself in the mirror hating what I saw and telling myself I needed to die. The music I played was dark and terrible and the agony of my spirit was unbearable. I started to post things on facebook, and a Spirit-filled woman reached out to me when I thought all hope was lost. She told me about spiritual doors that could be opened and how the Devil could get free access to a person's life through those. I learned about the spirits of rejection, death, and myriads of other demonic influences that I had allowed into my life. She began to shed the light of God abroad in my heart and show me God's love. I could not believe He loved me, though. God began a work in me, tho, and I began to be set free little by little. One morning, I woke up and knew it was time to go home to PA. There was a picture of a revival happening in the East in my mind and I knew I had to get there. I also felt it was time for all those of us young people who had left to get back there as well. The song "Revival" kept running through my head.Fast forward a couple months and I did move to PA. I felt like I needed to be there for a few months and then perhaps move on to Baltimore, MD. Three weeks ago, I remember standing in my sister's room telling my mom I didn't understand why I was still here. A week later, Wayne came to our church. All that week I had struggled with wondering whether God just couldn't use me cuz I had messed up too much, or what. On Friday night, Wayne said that sometimes God throws people away because they are useless. I thought that had to be me and because I had to work I left at that precise moment. I struggled with hopelessness that night. But finally, God spoke to me. He said, "What would prove to you that I still love you? Ask me for something." I thought for a moment and then said, "Well, if you would save Sam (my brother) to the point that everyone would be able to see the change in him, then I would know." The next evening, I started to get sick and had to leave for work early again, but ended up going home halfway through my shift. I prayed that God would heal me, but it did not happen. Sunday, I was absolutely miserable and called off at work, but went to church. Testimony time came and people were getting up to talk. All of a sudden Sam was up there just weeping and laughing at the same time and saying God had saved him. Everyone could see he was different. He was accepted back into the fellowship that night. I had to get up then and told the church what had happened. Wayne told me I was bound up in shame and kept
telling me to be free. I felt a small release, but not what I wanted. So for the next two weeks, I walked, believing that God would set me free and I would live. This past weekend, I was whining to Him about why I am always the tag-along annoying little kid that wants what everyone else has, but always gets it begrudgingly. Suddenly I realized what a lie that was and I literally felt a grip that had been around me for years let go and I have been so free. Sunday morning, He baptized me with His Holy Spirit, and has begun to turn my life upside down in so many ways. I praise Him for what He has done and where He has brought me from! He can do the same for you, no matter where you are today! He wants to fill you, free you, breathe into you, and flow through you! Believe~


Gilbert Schmucker:

Yes we surely have witness the later rain in our midst, God has raised up men and women for the end time harvest. We will have an end time army, that he has and is equiping them to represent him ( JESUS ) in his power and glory.After being the pastor of the church for a number of years, having a real desire to see God move, knowing that there has to be something more to church the constant defeats. Personly walking in deep lonely valleys of discourgments and personel defeats.But after the first time bro. Wayne, Leol, and Dan were here for meetings we had a visit from God in a very real way, the holy spirit thru brother Wayne dealt with some of the issues and spirits that had been operating in this church for many years. The very fondations of this church were shaken, things that had hinderd the moving of the holy spirit were cast out and the holy spirit was welcomed back in. From that day on there's restouration and healing taking place in so many lives. P. T. L. For myself I've found so much courage and strength that does not come from any where else but from the throne room of our mighty God, who has granted me victory like I was never able to get on my own as hard as I tryed and desired it. Thank you Jesus,,, Here am I send thou me


Leonardo Matute:

God is blessing our city and the Holy Spirit is manifesting in our lives, and saving lives, people that in our minds are unsavable but God is doing it in the most simple way, and so I praise and exalt him. AMEN!!!!


Sunday morning service, May 15, 2011Guaimaca, Honduras

Pastor Gilbert- After a very difficult week, having received an especiallycruel dart, I came to the service asking God, “Am I waiting on you to move,or are you waiting on me?” During the worship, I felt the Lord put it on myheart that by faith I should stand at the altar to worship Him. I stood therewith my eyes closed, and after a while, I realized that there were no morewords coming out, that all that came out of my mouth was groaning. So Iprostrated myself on the altar, and the Lord came and ministered a deep innerhealing to me.During the worship, the worship leader, brother Carlos, saw Pastor Gilbertstanding at the altar and prayed, asking God to send two brothers over tostand by him. He looked at Pedro and Mark, the two elders, thinking maybethey would stand by Gilbert. In the meantime, one of the sisters had avision:Miriam- I had my eyes closed during the worship, but when I opened them, Isaw two hands holding Brother Gilbert’s hands up, and I knew that therewere two angels with him. God’s presence was so strong, I just wept. It wasa confirmation that God is with Brother Gilbert and that He is a man of God.I fell to the floor and wept and shook. I shook all through the service.The Lord’s presence was so strong during the worship, many of thebelievers were in deep intercession and several experienced the tremblingthat Sister Miriam mentioned. The Lord also dealt with several young peopleduring that time.Cesar- I’d rather than be ashamed here in front of the church than one daybe ashamed in front of God, and I don’t want to keep in my heart whatHe’s done for me. I am adopted. I have several biological brothers who aredrug addicts and in prison. I wonder why God allowed me the opportunity to beraised in a Christian home and go to a Christian school. Since I was 15, Ihave snuck out of the house to hang out with my friends. They introduced meto alcohol and then to drugs and parties. I would steal from my family to beable to go out and party. But even in the parties or while I’d be dancingat the disco, I would think to myself, “If I die here, where will I go?”I have tried so often to change, but I always fell again. On Sunday morning,I felt God’s presence so strong here in the service. I asked him to changemy desires, to take away my lust for alcohol and drugs. He did it! I abhoralcohol and drugs. I want to be a youth who is godly. By faith, I know that Iwill go on.

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Matt Weaver, 11/12/2012

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